Evolution and Psuedo Scientist

Evolution and Psuedo Scientist

I had a professor in college who was an atheist.  He had two earned doctorate degrees.  He had been teaching for 30-35 years.  I took his class because everyone talked about how he was an awesome teacher.

He was a geologist.  He told us in one of the first classes that he would not test us on the time lines of when things took place.  He also told us he would not test us about the origins of the Earth.  He told us that the information on those topics was always changing.  Then he said, “I will stick to the science.”

The teacher taught us about the Earth’s crust.  He taught us about how volcanoes impacted the Earth’s surface.  He taught us about metamorphism.  And true to form, he focused on the science.  He was an awesome teacher and I learned so much from his class.  He was also funny adding in little jokes.  I could tell why students loved him.

When I think of a scientist, I think of him.

I had a tumor years ago right when I started on xanga.  I asked around because I wanted the very best doctor to treat me.  One name came up twice.  The doctor was only 38 but she was super smart.  I could tell from the very beginning why she was recommended.

She dedicated herself to one type of cancer and treated it with all of her might. 

She was clearly a scientist.  Her husband was also a doctor.

It appears to me that scientists focus on the big issues.  They will attempt to cure cancer.  They will try to find out why a rare disease is killing young children.  They will study hard and tackle the issues of our time.  They will attempt to give us advance warnings of tornado activity.  They will warn a whole country of the potential of a tsunami.

I have always wondered why someone would want to be a pseudo scientist and focus on evolution. 

It just appears that the only thing that is good for is correcting people on the Internet.  Perhaps they just couldn’t make it as doctors or scientists.

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