Ex-Gay Pride Month

Sexuality is a sliding scale and more over is in fact fluid. It can shift over time and it does in some people, but any shifting that does occur sure isn’t because of so-called ex-gay “therapy.” That’s all a major sham. Unless, of course, you call forced sex with the opposite sex therapy (I call that rape) and also if you refer to electrocution as “therapy” (I call that assault with a deadly weapon). 

I’d be willing to bet my life savings that the people Christard hate groups such as FFF and FRC get to say they are “ex-gay” are nothing more than paid actors who happen to agree with these groups’ agendas and accept money for it. If one’s sexuality is going to slide, it’s going to be on one’s own accord, not because of some barbaric “therapy” or because their non-existent “God” or whatever made it happen. 

ALL THAT SAID, one does not choose one’s sexual orientation. That’s impossible. It’s no more possible to choose who you are sexually attracted to than it is to choose your eye or natural hair color. 

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