Examples Of Malpractice In The Health Field

Have you every wondered why there is such a thing as psychologist malpractice insurance or surgeon’s malpractice insurance? Have you ever wondered what types of things these people could do that would constitute malpractice? Many people have wondered about this before, so there are some examples compiled below. These are mistakes that different types of doctors could make in certain situations that would be seen as malpractice, things for which they could be sued. The insurance will cover the costs of the lawsuit and any penalties that are imposed by the judge.

There are many cases in which surgeons have made mistakes. One of the most common things that go wrong is what is known as wrong site surgery. This is where a doctor operates on the wrong place on a person’s body. This is impossible in some situations, naturally, but is a serious concern in anything that has to do with appendages. If the doctor believes that he or she is supposed to operate on a patient’s left hand when the surgery really needs to happen to the person’s right hand, the results can last forever. In the case of an amputation, this can leave a person with no appendages instead of one for Psychologist Malpractice Insurance.

Psychologist Malpractice Insurance is used when a psychologist reads a person’s condition incorrectly and gives them advice or medication that is not suited for their situation. This often does not have as long lasting of results, though the person’s life may get worse until the physiologist realizes his or her mistake and corrects it. In certain cases, there may not be any correction that can be done. This is when a lawsuit will be brought up because the person wants to get something if they feel they have been wronged.

There are also cases that have been brought against nurses who work in assisted living centers. The people at these centers depend on the nurses for everything. Some of them cannot so much as walk across the room without help. Many of them do not have access to their own medication, so they need it to be given to them. If a nurse provides the wrong medication to the wrong patient, they could be made very ill. In some cases, they could even die. Because of the gravity of this situation, nurses are trained extensively.

As is shown above, the need for psychologist malpractice insurance or any other type of malpractice insurance is very great for those who work in these medical fields. They are constantly in a position in which a small mistake can have huge consequences. Even those who work very hard not to make any mistakes are not able to avoid this at all times.





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