Facebook Co-Founder Gives Up Citizenship

I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute. But you must understand that people like me that would renounce citizenship to avoid taxes are doing so ‘on principle’, for the most part. I myself am currently looking for a second passport and residency in another country, and I love America. But it has become un-liveable with the government tyrannizing the people. We’re just not used to it and the terms and spirit of the US constitution have been consistently violated by thug politicians, corporations, and people with influence..

If you know anything about US tax law, and US tax history from it’s inception, and the fact the USA is the only country in the world which dogs its citizen’s for taxes, no matter where you go, and even after death, you would clearly understand why Saverin took this action, regardless of his origins.

You, in the USA, now live in a police state, in fear of your own government, TSA, Homeland Security, and the IRS and the friggin record companies, and anyone else whose got enough money to squeeze you.. You ‘ve been robbed and most of you don’t even know it… yet, or by what means.. “Government…of, by and for the people, my ass!”

Me? I live in Mexico.

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