Fat Pride

Fat Pride

I found this website called “Skinny Gossip.”  The site indicates it is not a site for anorexia but instead is pro-skinny.

One of the discussions on the site is about “fat pride” and using obese or overweight models. 

The writer of the article mentioned that people are much heavier these days and that the models are not getting skinnier but that we are getting fat. 

One thought in the article was “The whole ‘fat pride’ movement is irritating because plus-sizers want to tell us ‘big is beautiful’ and it should be represented more in the modeling industry. I say it’s the opposite: if big really was beautiful, and most people wanted to be big, and wanted to see big people, don’t you think we’d see a lot more fat people modeling? I do. But we don’t – because it isn’t.”  Here is the link:  Link

Is big really beautiful?


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