Fat Shame

I’m surprised no one has said that its all their fault, and they should be ashamed. How can you not feel shame when you are fat? Regardless of your body condition, the entire world is always striving to make you thinner. Yes, I’m fat. But yes, I actually do have a terrible frame. Its huge, and so I can never look like those women who have a size 34 rib measurement. Those are the people who you think of when you think thin and fit. My ankles will never be small. Its impossible…and if I lose x amount of weight, I no longer have ankles, because my calves would be the same size as my ankles. I go to the doctor, and tell her my ankles, knees, and


 hurt. You know what she says? Lose weight. HELLO, how does that help my wrists? 

The entire world wants us to be thinner. I deal with it by excusing myself for being a “fat kid” (I’m not a kid, just a phrase). I’m not going to pretend that I can run as fast and as long as you, or whatever other endurance thing you want to compare me with. And thats why people feel shame. The world wants everyone to look the same.

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