Father and Daughter Dance

I hate to  say this, but the night you deposited sperm a firm embrace with your wife; A sperm first signs contracts.  One; I shall call your brother sperm to this place more often; Two, I am cognizant that this has implications outside of the womb.  Three, I am going to get off my ass, accept invitations to hot wheels races, father daughter dances, or whatever the hell that I need to, for if this makes a baby, it is a part of me, and it shall bear all the love which I can possibly bear. And then, only then are you able to reach full climax.

Also it is most pertinent, you will recall the little princess face — Admiring only you when you catch her as a teenager, underpants off, creepy guy on, for only such moments as the dance compels you not to bash the little creep endeavoring to learn to use his parts on your child.

Saying Good Night To All The Sperm Out There,

Barbara Everett Heintz, Author, “Pinkhoneysuckle,” Amazon, Kindle, Create Space – Awards 2012 –San Francisco HM, Hollywood Summer Festival #1, Hollywood, California – Wildcard for mixed genre. Truth, Fiction, The Appalachian Diaspora; Of course I want all of yoo fellows to read my book! Amazon, Kindle, Create Space

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