Feather Your Nest With Homeowners Insurance Discounts

When you are making inquiries for Homeowners Insurance Orange Park FL there are several important discounts you can ask about. Saving money is always a good thing, especially when it involves insurance. Rates and premiums can vary greatly and it pays to request every discount that is available to you for the best possible pricing on your homeowner’s coverage. There is no need to compromise benefits because discounts are given for additional action o your part that helps to secure your home.

You may be able to save as much as 10% on your policy if you install deadbolts on your doors. It seems a simple precaution but deadbolts make it much more difficult for burglars to force a door open and are an added measure of security to any home. Likewise, if you install a security alarm system in your home, you will be eligible for another discount with virtually any homeowner insurance carrier.

Newer homes are also often eligible for major discounts with Homeowners Insurance Orange Park FL. Thanks to far less fire hazards due to new wiring and electrical; homes that are less than 10 years old usually qualify for a savings. Additionally, newer homes are built with more safety features in place including sprinkler systems, fire alarms and smoke alarms, all of which add up to deep discounts.

If your home is located in a low crime area, a no flood zone or a low fire zone ask your agent about discounting your policy. For seniors on fixed incomes, even a small discount can make a big difference. If you have not filed a claim in many years if ever, you should be rewarded with lower premiums or substantial policy discounts. Do not hesitate to ask for them. Most agents are delighted to keep you smiling and retain your future business.

Finally, if your auto, life, or other insurance is with the same agent or carrier as your homeowners insurance, request a discount for keeping all your business under one insurance umbrella. Considering the amount of insurance most people carry, this can amount to quite a tidy savings for many folks looking to cut costs. If you have additional high end possessions such as a boat, RV, classic car, or valuable art or jewelry collections you may also benefit by storing such items in secured environments that qualify for insurance discounts.

Homeowners Insurance Orange Park FL is always necessary for peace of mind and proper protection of your property but it does not have to break the bank. Consider any extra efforts you have made to make your property a safer environment for yourself, your guests and your neighbors and then inquire of your agent whether those efforts will translate to savings. Without compromising your coverage, you can supplement your nest egg.

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