Flu Shot

I’ll put this another way. My husband is in the military. He has no choice, he is “vaccinated” every year against the flu, last season, they were inoculated twice because they realized how blatantly ineffective the first shot had been. My kids and I are not vaccinated. Both last year and this year, the whole house got the flu – within a week of his flu shot. What a coincidence, two years in a row. He wasn’t spared either. Last year, when given two vaccines? His whole base spread the flu around (swab and culture verified influenza). Twice. It happened this year, too. It wasn’t the whole base this time, but more families were sick than well. Tell me how effective the shot is. Moreover, try and tell us the shot doesn’t potentially make you sick. It’s such a coincidence, isn’t it.  

It’s a cash cow that requires annual (or biannual) feeding, and might or might not help you. I’ll do it the old fashioned way. You can do it yours. 

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