Forcing a Woman To Watch an Abortion

I can see both sides here. On the one hand, I think it would make me more comfortable to see the procedure beforehand, and be aware of exactly what will be going on. I don’t know how the video would be made, (ie at how many weeks) because at the point in a pregnancy when the majority of women receive an abortion, you’re not removing anything that really resembles a baby so I don’t know that it would be a particularly.gory or traumatizing. However, if I was in the shoes of a woman who wanted her child and was getting an abortion out of medical necessity, I am fairly certain that I would not want anything that would make me any more upset than I already was. I don’t think any woman goes into an abortion unaware of what she’s doing, so I don’t see a need for it from a “Remember, you’re killing a baby” standpoint. From a procedural standpoint, it could perhaps be helpful to some women, but for others it could be extremely upsetting. I think it would be better to have the video on hand in case a woman wanted to see the procedure.

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