Gay By Choice or By Birth?

I can’t say what I think because I don’t know. I’m not a scientist so I can’t confirm or deny whether or not we have any gay genetic predispositions. I could only point out two things: as it occurs in animals, homosexuality seems to most often be a product of environmental adaption. That’s one reason i disagree with religion labeling it an abomination. Where its occurred in nature, its symptomatic OF some imbalance.. so there. We have to ask ourselves what we did to create the problem that resulted in such adaption in our species.

Is it because we’re overpopulating the planet? Living too close together in many of our models of civilization? We aughta take a look at what we’re doing wrong instead of telling them they’re the one’s doing wrong.

As to this question: I do know at least two people who CHOSE to be gay and could point out some time in their life in which they weren’t gay, so.. I at least could say for some people it’s a choice. Most of the gay people I know have never said they were this way since birth. They always reference something that just made them gravitate that way. It’s probably not too different than how I arrived at liking women.

I cannot confirm or deny that some others might have been born with
it, although I’ve never heard anything decisive to support that idea and
heard some cockamamie pseudo-science before (having extra chromosomes,
for example).

When I was a little boy, roundabout 4 or 5 I discovered I liked girls.. or more precisely.. women.. but of course little girls around had no part in that. If memory serves me, I modeled my attraction on women around me, on TV and such. That was just sort of solidified as I began actually reading the instruction manual for my penis.. in the process of which discovering that it’s more than a peeing device. I could probably completely trace my own path to these realizations but it might be very boring. I probably just sort of abstained before that, honestly.

I don’t think I gave it much thought or action previous to that time.

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