Getting Over Your Rape

Getting Over Your Rape

A 16-year-old girl is upset that two boys that “sexually assaulted” her were not charged with the more severe charge of “rape.”

The boys admit that the girl was heavily intoxicated. “They said they lifted her shirt, pulled down her pants and penetrated her vagina with their fingers because, according to one of the teens, ‘we thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t.'”  They also took photos of her naked and showed the photos to all of their friends.

The boys have to do 50 hours of volunteer work but can have their convictions set aside and erased when they turn 19 1/2 as long as they complete a diversion program. 

The boys said that she was “fine” with it because she never said “stop.”    They said if she had said “stop” they would have stopped.

The girl claims the prosecutor told her to “get over it” because it was not rape which he denies saying.

Here is the link:  Link

So the girl was drunk and they took off her clothes and fingered her.  They took photos and she never said, “no.”

Was she raped?


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