Guide To Group Home Insurance

group home insuranceIf you run any type of assisted living home, then it’s vital that you make sure you have the right type of insurance coverage to protect your tenants, their families and yourself. Group home insurance makes sure that you’re able to give your tenants what they need without compromising their safety or their sense of security while they reside in your care.


Protection Policy


Examples of items covered by a group home policy include professional/general liability, commercial property, general liability and workers compensation. There are also server risk management services that your insurance company may be able to provide for you in addition to regular group home insurance.


Group Mentality


Caring for a group of elderly individuals comes with a certain level of risk that you don’t usually find when you only have to look after one elderly individual. Things happen, so you need to be prepared for any number of events. Insurance underwriters will be able to describe to you some of the more common incidents that talk place inside of group homes so that you can have a fully comprehensive insurance plan.


Without good group home insurance, you run the risk of facing a potentially massive lawsuit without any legal protection. Recent statistics have shown that the costs of defending yourself against a lawsuit can be more expensive than the amount of the settlement itself. Make sure that you’re prepared for any type of legal action with a group home policy.