Happy Steal Land From the Indians Day

Happy Steal Land From the Indians Day

Today we take the time to celebrate the fact that the Indians were so naive to trust the white man.

I wonder if one day the Mexicans will have a day set aside to celebrate taking over the land.

Today we went to the park and we are going over to the in-law’s house later.  We are probably also going to see a movie tonight.

Here are the movies that are currently playing:

1. Burlesque

2. Due Date

3. Faster

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

5. Love and Other Drugs

6. Megamind

7. Morning Glory  (I already watched this movie.  It was pretty good).

8. The Next Three Days  (I watched this movie too and it was alright).

9. Red

10. Secretariat

11. Skyline

12. Tangled

13. Unstoppable

Which movie would you see?

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