Have You Ever Been The Victim of Bullying

There were a few times when I was bullied in school. I’m not a very big person, not even 5′ tall and didn’t weigh 100lbs soaking wet. I moved to a new school my JR year and those people were crazy. They used to pick on me all the time. But then, they were all close friends and used to pick on each other. I mean, they’d staple each other in the arm, wrap duct tape around the girls’ heads, stick pads to each other’s backs, and they LIKED each other for that crap. Maybe their picking on me was a way of saying “hey, we like you.” Thanks, but no thanks. There was only one other time when someone picked on me, my SR year after I moved back to my old school. A younger guy tried to put me in a garbage can, but I think it was his weird way of flirting. He didn’t actually put me in there, but I think he was enjoying carrying me around or something. Otherwise, most of the people older (and bigger) than me have a way of trying to protect me. I was even told by some SR’s when I was a freshman that if anyone tried to pick on me that I needed to tell them, since I was really small and couldn’t protect myself very well. Or maybe I’m just so darn cute that they couldn’t resist, sort of like a little sister kinda thang.

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