Healthcare and the Associated Risks

risk management in healthcare

The discussion of healthcare has overtaken the political conversation as two parties argue over the affordability of these practices. While this is a meaningful discussion, there seems to be little discussion about the associated risks in healthcare. With this said, the opiate crisis that has consumed the United States is a problem that cannot be ignored and needs to be addressed readily by the medical community. Many health practitioners are conscious of risk management in healthcare and administer medicine only when it is necessary. However, there have been many medical practitioners that abuse the current system and get patients hooked on detrimental substances.

Healthcare and Risk Management

Hopefully, during the debates about the 2020 Presidential election, there is a topic that addresses risk management in healthcare. The United States of America is undergoing a sudden transformation due to the internet and social media. The impact social media is having on society’s mental health cannot be understated, and health practitioners need to study this area thoroughly. Once excessive use of social media is classified as an addiction by the medical community, there will be new risks associated with the pharmaceutical industry. Medical practitioners will have to remain conscious of how they are treating these individuals from moving forward. In the field of medicine, protecting patients is of the utmost importance.