Hiding Your Past

It’s better to allow us privacy and to develop into “new people.”  We all lie, and it’s a good thing too.  Most people don’t have an awareness of themselves, and they are sane.

People are constantly exploiting my deep, dark past that was just like 50 million other pasts. It frustrates me, and it keeps me from progressing, but I realize the humans will do anything, so I spill the beans.  People love to get me in with a psychologist that loves to bring it up as well, which, when I had emotions, only upset me.  It didn’t help me. 

Sometimes people make me crazy.

I won’t let go this time because I have decided to rule the unvierse. Or, perhaps, I know that they’ll continue to shit on me some more.  I have to do something to stop them.  Something is going to have to change.

I really want out.

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