Hottest Malaysian Contest

The Malays don’t took part in beauty pageants which require them to parade in bikini or they will be charge in Syariah court for public indecency. In Malaysia, there are plenty of mock up pageants done by other races, such as Malaysians of Thai descent. Nightclubs also hold ‘international’ beauty contest for the transgender community where the contestants wear sash representing different countries. Others simply stict together a sash with the word Malaysia on it. Just because the sash says Malaysia doesn’t means that person is a Malaysians. A lot of immigrants and visa holders tried to blend in with the locals to avoid prosecution by the authorities. Currently there’s been a crackdown on PRO and nightclub hostesses to weed out these foreigners who are pretending to be Malaysians.

Kindly do more research on Malaysia and Malaysians before making a blog about them. Don’t make yourself look like a total fool to all Malaysians in Facebook since this post is visible there.

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