How Do You Ask For Sex?

How Do You Ask For Sex?

I posted before and asked how people brought up the issue of sexually transmitted disease.


But a lady here at work is dating and she is looking for a potential mate here on eHarmony.  Recently she went out with one of the guys and after one date and a little chat, he made an offer.  He told her he would take her out on a date and then told her what they were going to do on the date.  He then told her she could pick out the hotel they would go to at the end of the date.

This caused a discussion at work about how to ask someone to have sex. 

Back when I was dating, I did not have sex.  On my wedding night, I did not ask for sex.  I just sort of assumed the sale. 

But it makes me wonder how a person asks for sex.  I know how it is done on the Internet:  “Hey Dan, if you ever come to California, I give the best . . .”  (This is not meant to cast an inappropriate picture of women from California and more specifically Los Angeles).

But that is the Internet.  People are so forward on the Internet.

I am talking about in real life.

How do you tell a potential partner you want to have sex? (How does the topic come up?)


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