How I Manage To Avoid Xanga Drama

How I Manage To Avoid Xanga Drama

One question I get asked all the time on xanga is “Dan, how do you manage to avoid xanga drama?”

So occasionally, I like to give a few tips.

1.  Never mention anyone by name in a negative way.  If someone reads you and they see you mention them by name in a negative way, it will hurt their feelings and they will probably struggle to ever forget it.

2.  Avoid xanga sites where drama tends to break out.  There are certain sites on xanga that will always be associated with drama, just avoid those sites.

3.  Avoid making potentially stereotypical comments about people groups.  For example, you never want to make fun of fat people.   You also do not want to make fun of thin people or people with mental health issues.

4.  Never post in a negative way about a certain race or ethnic group.  You never want to make fun of black people.  When you make fun of a particular race, everyone of that race gets offended. 

5.  Avoid saying anything about Malaysians.  Malaysia is a wonderful country filled with wonderful people.  You never want to offend any of them.  Here is a photo of a nice Malaysian woman.

6. Avoid topics like abortion, religion or politics.  People feel passionate about these issues.

7. Do not create multiple sites to troll people.  This will be looked at unfavorably by the xanga community and can potentially get you shut down by the xanga team.

8.  Never call John’s children (John from The Xanga Team) chinks.  He will shut you down and then make fun of you.

Have you ever been involved in xanga drama?

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