How Much Money

I wonder if people realize that the second they hit their target salary and adjust their lifestyle accordingly, they will see the next big thing over the horizon and want to make more. Then there will be the next big thing. Then the next. And sooner or later you’re trying to one-up the yacht next to you at Bora Bora. In order to truly be happy you have to start with yourself. No amount of money in the world is going to make you content with the disatisfaction in your own life. So before trying to throw money at your problems, maybe spend a little time getting right with yourself and then, perhaps only then, move on towards that top salary or high ranking position.

So now you ask, “Okay moron, how’d you do it?” My answer? “I got right with God, then found a higher calling through Him. Once you find yourself a part of something so huge as God, money doesn’t really matter beyond paying for your basic needs. What once was of such much value has since become immaterial.”

Just some things to ponder. Good night.

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