How Much Say Should a Significant Other. . .

A lot of people will say none, but thats not honest. When a woman ask a man what he thinks about how she looks in anything, she is asking him to judge her. When a woman buys a man a dress shirt or suit or dresses him in any way, even through she is trying to make him look better or more professional, it is a judgement. First, I think I would ask him why he doesn’t want her to have more tattoos… maybe he loves her the way she is, the way her body is now, and feels more tattoos distort the beautiful perfection she is right now. Is that gross? Is that bossy? But maybe he cant express it in such words. The truth is there should be mutual judgement, or better, mutual communication, I think there should be a balance about the others opinions. But I dont think: NONE is a valid answer. I also dont think: ALWAYS or EVERYTHING is a valid one either.

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