How Much Will You Spend For Christmas?

Well my daughters birthday is December 19th. So her birthday present budget is usually 50-100. and then her Christmas i do 200, and my Partner does 100. And then her daddy does 100-150. and then she gets gifts from grandparents. lol. she really lucks out. But she is my only child, so i’m okay with splurging on her for now. I don’t listen when people say that its stupid to spend that much because we aren’t broke we are doing just fine. I think if we were struggling then it wouldn’t be good for us to spend that much. For other family members the budget is 20-30 for siblings 50+ for parents. Me and my Partner give one gift to each other and thats it. Every October-Novemeber i go through all her clothes and toys and whatever isn’t used anymore is donated to the local shelters around. This year she helped, and even went with me to give the toys and clothes to the shelter she LOVED it!! She was giving her old dolls and stuffed animal and toys to these little girls and boys and she kept saying “here you play!!” it was awesome. 
 We also give to lots of local organizations around our community. As well as i volunteer 10-15 hours every week at the local shelter. So i like giving to everyone. I just take so much pleasure in seeing people happy and receive gifts, food when they have none, clothes, just anything. i love it. 🙂

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