How To Avoid Liability for Tire Damage at a Construction Site

Tire damage from construction site debris is a common complaint from motorists, as are collisions with signs, cones, and concrete barriers. Follow these tips if you do not want to be held responsible for these types of accidents when they occur.

Document Your Commitment to Safety

Keep a record of your compliance with OSHA safety guidelines. For example, if you follow a procedure of inspecting traffic cones each morning, then create a form for the employee conducting the inspection to initial when complete. Doing so will provide evidence of your due diligence.

Remove Debris

Scattering debris along the road is an unavoidable part of construction. Whether the discarded items are made of metal, concrete, glass, or even soil, they all have the potential to puncture tires. Clearing the roadway as often as possible will lessen the chances of someone running over these materials.

Protect Your Business With Liability Insurance

Construction liability insurance protects you financially by covering legal fees if motorists sue for damage to their vehicles. It also pays for settlements if a court deems you negligent in keeping the roadway safe.

The burden of proof lies on the person making the claim. By prioritizing safety, deliberately removing debris, and protecting yourself with insurance, you decrease the likelihood of liability for tire damage.