How to get from Manila to Boracay

If you are planning to visit Boracay ( Caticlan Akalan, Philippines), here are the best tips I can give on how you can reach it from Manila.

Here are the ways to get there:

  1. From Manila airport, take a domestic flight via Caticlan, Aklan for 60-90 minutes travel time. Here are some of the lists of airlines: AirPhils FlySeair CebuPacificAir
  2. When you reach Kalibo Airport, you take an air-conditioned bus going to Caticlan. It will take you for about 90 minutes to reach the Caticlan harbour.
  3. From Caticlan harbour, you’re going to take a boat ride for about 30 minutes to reach Boracay.
  4. Then from Boracay, you can choose where you can stay. There are lots of beach resort there that offers different kinds of entertainment and leisure time for a very affordable price.
  5. If it’s your first time to visit Boracay, it’ll be better to contact a travel agency and let them arrange the whole trip with you. Just prepare yourself for a higher rate. Anyway, it’s hassle free.
Beautiful Boracay Beaches

A scene from a beautiful sunset on a Boracay Philippines beach

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