How to Increase Comments

Dear Dan,
I love this question because I remember one of the first attachments ( I still have) from the old Featured Grownups blogring is an article from you telling how to increase comments and promote your blog on Xanga. You’d only been here about a year too and your blog was already the #1 destination blog.
There are “destination blogs” like yours and regular blogs like mine. I’ve always wanted mine to be a destination blog, but like most bloggers, over time I’ve developed a “readership”.
If I want more comments, I have to socialize, visiting and commenting.
There might be more insidious or grandstanding ways of getting comments I suppose, this being Xanga and all, but I like the old fashioned way, as I say, like writing letters in the “age of paper”. I call it “correspondence” or “comment exchange”.
I’ve got at least a dozen specific blog “sections” and the most “popular” have always been the humorous or parody posts. I can usually assure more comments than usual when posting parody.

In these heady days of Xanga 2.0 it seems a good way of generating more comments is to use the @ a lot.

Or simply to try and stir the pot concerning the major issues of the day.
Ahem. That’s the niche you carved out back in 2005 or so if memory serves.
Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

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