How To Make Friends on Vacation

If you’ve ever found yourself on vacation without anyone but your family, or even by yourself, you’ve probably faced the challenge of how to make friends and meet people during these situations.

This can be though especially if you’ve had a lot of long-term friends back home for a while, and you aren’t sure how to meet new people, start conversations, or how to build relationships with people you don’t know well.

On top of this, sometimes it can be just plain in intimidating to talk to someone you don’t know well, and how to start conversations and “chat up” strangers, so that you can actually make friends and connect with people when you’re talking to them.

So in this article I want to highlight a couple of quick and easy techniques you can use to start conversations and get people interested in what you’re saying.
The first is storytelling.

If you think about television, books, music, or any form of entertainment, you quickly realize that there’s some form of a story involved in everything you talk about.

Stories are what keep people interested in what you’re saying, and are the glue that holds most relationships together, and they are what allow us to relate to, feel, and understand the people that we meet in our lives, and what allow us to see everyone we meet as an individual.

If you look at most social interactions they’re focused on telling stories, and the exchange of opinions, views, ideas, and basically anything that could be classified as communication between two people (i.e. building a connection).

And the best way to build stories while you’re talking to people, is to focus on building images in their mind, which means, when you’re speaking to another person, don’t use abstract words like “communication” which someone can’t physically visualize in their head.

When you’re talking to someone, use juicy, flavorful words that describe images, textures, and feelings, to give the other person a complete emotional experience that grabs their attention and wraps them in whatever you’re talking about.

This is the fastest way to connect with people on an emotional and intimate level, and to get the other person to feel like they’re connected to you, and like they’ve known you forever.

New Friends

The reason these social techniques work so well is because they focus on the same thing as all popular forms of media; they stimulate are emotions to keep us entertained, and keep us focused on what the other person is talking about. And they do this by building pictures in our heads, which create thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Once these thoughts feelings and emotions are created inside of us, we develop a desire to know more, and we get involved in whatever is creating these sensations (think about a time you saw a TV show and couldn’t leave until you knew how the show resolved or turned out, and how it held your attention because it captured your imagination and made you feel powerful emotions), that’s the experience you’re shooting for when dealing with other people.

Now, this is important to do in most conversations, but it’s especially important to be aware of when you’re on vacation, and every social interaction you’re going to be in is going to be about meeting someone you’ve never met before spontaneously, and getting them to like you, and knowing some of these simple tricks can really go a long way toward not only making your life more fun, but toward making your vacations far more exciting, interesting and memorable than they have ever been at any time in the past.

If you’d like to learn more you can visit my website Popularity Secrets for free articles and advice on starting conversations, making friends, and getting past shyness or apprehension about meeting new people.

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