How to pay your traffic police ticket in Pattaya Thailand

The other day, in Pattaya Thailand, I turned left on a red light. As soon as I turned the police whistled me over to the side of the road. They took my drivers license and issued me a ticket for 400 baht. The crazy thing is they keep your license until you pay the fine.

Here’s what to do in this situation.

  1. You need to to take your bike or car and go to the Pattaya Police Station located on Soi 9 and Beach Road. (If you’re bike gets taken, then you need to take a taxi).
  2. In the station you put my ticket on a pin stand.
  3. The office clerk goes through the papers and calls your name. Then the clerk filles out a few forms and charges you the fine (for me it was 400 baht). If you have 1000 baht it’s okay, they’ll make change.
  4. After paying you’ll get a receipt. Take this back to the original officer that gave you the ticket and he’ll give you your drivers license back.

I’ll be paying more attention to the traffic signs now!

image credits go to ian

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