How to remain Calm During Flights

How to remain Calm during Flights

Most of us are afraid to travel via plane. Some are afraid of heights, claustrophobic and even afraid to have a plane crash. In order to have a happy and comfortable flight, we must remember some of these things:

  1. Free you mind from any negative sights. Never think about horrible things that might happen. Just think that you’ll have a safe trip all through out and landed safe to your destination.
  2. Take some calming medication from your doctor. Make sure that you also take some pill if you are experiencing vomiting during trips. If you are very uncomfortable on your flight, the tendency is you will be emotionally distracted and think of something bad might happen.
  3. Bring some books or magazines to read. If you are busy on something, you might be able to forget that you are afraid of something. Just keep yourself busy.
  4. Bring some MP3 or I Pods- listening to the music may help you to become calm and relax. It’ll keep you from hearing airplane sounds.
  5. Take a nap- sleeping can also help you to relax.
  6. Never take some alcohol, it may add up some intense on your mind and might cause you to vomit and feel dizzy.
  7. Talk to someone- you can talk to the person sitting next to you and discuss your fear. In this way, she or he may give you some advice and help you out to overcome your fear.
  8. If you already suffered from a bumpy ride on that kind of plane, why not look for other airlines that might have a less bumpy ride the next time you travel.
  9. Pray before you take a flight. Ask for His guidance and for you to have a safe and calm trip.
  10. If you are really afraid and can’t really handle your fear in spite of all these suggestions, maybe it’s time for you to have counseling or a therapy. There is some health provider that offers a therapy to over fears.

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