How Xangans Can Get Off Welfare

How Xangans Can Get Off Welfare

Recently I noticed that a fellow xangan had made a few negative comments about me.  I think you all know I am above responding with an unkind post.

I also noticed she posted about being on welfare and also feels the government should pay for her medical insurance.

So instead of posting something negative, I thought I would write a helpful post.

Here are my tips on how to get off welfare:

1.  Take personal responsibility for your actions.  You have created the environment you live in today.  If you can’t own that, you will be in the same situation tomorrow. 

2.  Work hard at your job.  I am almost always the first person to get to work in the morning and one of the last to leave.  Hard work will get noticed and will be rewarded.

3.  Don’t look for a handout in life.  Those who look for a handout usually struggle with helping themselves.  So stop thinking about what is owed you in life and start spending extra time working to move in a positive direction.

4.  Work one job.  I have noticed that some people talk about working multiple jobs.  In general, this is a bad strategy.  You will spend too much time going between jobs.  So focus on the job you have and try to move up.

5.  Move in with a few responsible friends who are trying to get ahead in life.  It doesn’t hurt to have 4-5 working people in one place.  You can do that for a few years.  4-5 people making minimum wage can combine their income and pay for food and the rent.  This works even if you are single and have a child.  Take turns watching each other’s children.  I only made $17,000 our first year of marriage and we had a child immediately.

6.  Go to school.  The unemployment rate is 4% for college graduates.  So while you are living with your friends and making minimum wage, go to college and get a degree in something that matters (At this point I would suggest you don’t pick an art major if you are already on welfare).

7.  Get off the Internet.  If you are spending all day on the Internet writing negative things about others, you will stay on welfare.  Notice I am not on xanga during the day because I am working.  So work instead of spending time on the Internet bashing me. 

I hope this helps.


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