How You Benefit From Flood Insurance

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While not all of the area around Los Angeles is part of the floodplain, you may still want to invest in flood insurance. Using a company such as Friends Insurance in Pasadena, you can mitigate the financial costs of your home flooding. Water can cost significant damage even as little as one inch. Flood insurance helps cover the cost to repair and replace after a flood.


Most homeowners and renters insurance does not include flood damage as part of their coverage. Flood insurance is sponsored by the federal government.


Flood insurance is often an affordable option for homeowners especially those within a flood plain. The insurance covers flood damage whether from a FEMA disaster declaration or a burst pipe. The claim does not have to be repaid unlike loans and disaster grants.


Flood damage does not always affect only those within a high-risk area. FEMA has a handy map to show you the various locations the agency has declared as high risk. Don’t forget that the surrounding areas near a river or lake may also be at risk.
An agent with Friends Insurance in Pasadena can help you determine if flood insurance is a good idea for your home. Flood damage doesn’t have to leave you footing a $25,000 or more bill to get your home back into livable shape. Look into the benefits of flood insurance.