I <3 Justin Bieber

I <3 Justin Bieber

I feel so sorry for this kid in the same way I felt sorry for Miley Cyrus. 

If you think about it, they are just young kids who are famous.  And it feels like some people are just waiting for them to do wrong.  Who is a bad person?  Miley Cyrus?  For what?  Nothing.  The people that want these kids to fail are the people that are bad.

This Justin Bieber kid made a comment about abortion.  (He is a singer for those of you who are out of touch like me).

He said, “”I really don’t believe in abortion. I think [an embryo] is a human.  It’s like killing a baby.”  He was then asked about rape as it relates to abortion and he said, “That’s just really sad, but everything happens for a reason.”  Here is the link:  Link

So now the kids gets called “stupid” and a bunch of other names.  Why?  Because he took a pro-life position and then worded something the wrong way giving people the opportunity to interpret his words that maybe even rape happens for a reason.

The only thing he is guilty of is being a famous kid.  Can you really blame him for that?

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