I <3 the Xanga Team

I <3 the Xanga Team

You ever realize how much we criticize the xanga team?

Sure xanga has not kept up with Facebook.  But then again, neither has google now.

I am convinced that whoever helped xanga grow in the beginning is probably no longer even with the xanga team.

But day in and day out the xanga team comes back and works hard to keep this place running.  I am sure they wish xanga would grow too.  I am sure they could all list 100 features they wish they could add.  Facebook has a team of 1600+ employees adding features.

But day in and day out the xanga team has to hear all of the haters.  They don’t get to respond to the attacks.

But they still get on xanga and do their best to keep this place running.  And we get to have all this fun every day because of their efforts.

Thank you Xanga for keeping this place running so we can all come on here and have fun.


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