I Need a Degree To Work at McDonald’s

I think some jobs prefer applicants to have a college degree b/c it shows a determination, a stick-to-it attitude, which they apply to their offered job, feeling those people might be less inclined to quit after they’ve spent time and money on interviewing and training,.

However, to answer the question directly, ‘Do I think a college degree is necessary to get a good job?’, No; Not in all cases. There are many jobs that offer on-site training or accept trade-school applicants. However, getting your foot in the door in the first place is sometimes the challenge. Knowing someone in the business one is interested in, to find out about the unlisted job openings, helps.

There is also the question of what makes a “good” job. Is it amount of money, status, benefits, location, ammt/type of actual work required, a combination of all these, or something else? I guess it determines what one is looking to get out of it, and what they are willing to sacrifice to achieve that.

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