Insurance Options For Counselors

Most professionals feel as if they are good at what they do. They work hard to maintain a level of professionalism in order to help their business to thrive. Counselors are professionals that may need an extra layer of protection in order to maintain a healthy business. No matter how good you are at what you do, it is possible that a client may sue you for malpractice. In order to protect your business and your professional name, it is best to have some sort of counselor malpractice insurance. This insurance can help cover you in the event of a malpractice lawsuit, or any other form of court case.

If you work for a company, it is possible that they will have an insurance policy that covers such incidents. However, these policies do not always adequately cover the employees. Counseling companies often take out policies that are enough to cover the business as a whole, but not necessarily every individual involved. You may want your own Counselor Malpractice Insurance in order to fully protect yourself.

Most companies, no matter how large or comprehensive, do not have coverage for disciplinary defense. This type of coverage can be used if a client or your employer lodges a complaint against you to the Board that is responsible for putting out the standards of practice. If your license, certification, or accreditation is at risk, you may have to have a hearing or even go to trial. The complaint may be dismissed at some point, but you will likely still have large attorney bills to pay. The disciplinary defense portion of a policy can help Counselor Malpractice Insurance.

Personal Injury Protection is a feature that will cover you within applicable liability limits against claims like libel, slander, assault, batter and others. The privacy violation is probably the most important aspect covered if you are a counselor. At times, it does not matter how careful you are, mistakes occur and accidents happen. With that being the case, this extra coverage can really help you when you are in a bind.

As you search for the right professional insurance coverage, it is easy to get rates and quotes. You can work with your normal insurance company, or you can research companies that specialize in counselor malpractice insurance. Once you have decided what you want to include in the policy, you can secure many different quotes online and compare the prices and coverage options with ease. With a policy in place, you will be able to continue practicing your profession with a new peace of mind that any professional deserves. No one wants to hassle with a messy lawsuit, but with proper coverage, at least your profession will not be in danger.





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