Is a Dad Obligated to Stay At Home With His Child?

Is a Dad Obligated to Stay At Home With His Child?

So I stayed at home with my daughter today because she was sick.  My wife stayed home yesterday because she was sick then too.

(The above is not my daughter.  My daughter is not Asian).

This caused my wife and I to have a conversation about staying home with our children.  At our old job when we worked at the same place, my boss indicated he wanted my wife to stay home when our kids were sick.  So she always stayed home with the kids.

Now I make more money than my wife and the money I make pays all of the bills except a car payment and groceries.  So it would appear at some level that my job is more important to the family.  If she lost her job, we could pay all of our bills.  If I lost my job, we could not pay all the bills with her income.  It would not even be close.

Does a man have equal obligation to stay home with a sick child if both the husband and wife work?


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