Is College Worth It?

Depends on the career, as it’s been pointed out, though a STEM degree doesn’t guarantee you anything, unless you work your ass off and find relevant work experience prior to graduating. The only people I know making in excess of $50k a year right now are the people I knew who were both absolute academic standouts and took the time to network with their professors. I have plenty of friends with degrees in subjects like chemistry, biology, computer science, and various specializations of engineering who are either unemployed or underemployed because they didn’t fall in that top percentile for whatever reason or didn’t bother finding work experience before they graduated.

Basically you almost have no choice except to get some kind of post-high school education now because the job market is flooded with people who have bachelors degrees. My first post-college job could have been done by anyone with some creativity, organization skills, and the ability to use MS Office, but the only people considered for the position were college graduates because pretty much everyone here has a college degree. Hell, I see openings for entry-level jobs that pay peanuts asking for “MBA candidates or holders only”ALL the time. It’s a vicious cycle that forces more and more people into universities to get any kind of degree just so they can compete in the job market because the belief that education alone will guarantee you a successful future has flooded the job market with diploma holders of all kinds.

In the end, if you’re smart enough to build a serious plan, know what you want to do, and are disciplined enough to work your ass off and take advantage of the networking opportunities that going to college will offer you, then go for it. If you’re going solely to fuck around, drink yourself stupid for four years, and “live the college life”, then don’t go.

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