Is Xanga a Better Place Than When You Started Here?

When I started my first blog here, I never read anything by the popular Xangans, nor did I get involved in their affairs.  I actually knew all my friends beforehand.  When I started the Democrab username, I slowly began adding people I didn’t know, and it was good at first.  I was making new friends.

Then I got greedy.  I started adding people like crazy after I had a featured post in hopes that my popularity would continue to grow.  I added people with little thought to content or real friendship.  I did it to get my name out there.

And now, I have a ton of subscriptions to a lot of people who are doing the exact same thing.  I should’ve stayed away from that kind of greed and I should’ve stuck with the subscriptions I actually enjoy reading instead of wallowing in a million posts that are all trying to get their 15 minutes with some pointless drama.  The good subscriptions are enough to keep me here, but I shouldn’t have tried to be famous for fame’s sake.

I think that sort of thing has always been around in some way, shape, or form.  It was my transition into the wrong sort of game that made me think this place was going down the tubes.

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