Is Xanga A Waste of Time?

I discovered many years ago that time is one of the more irelevent concepts of man! We pace ourselves to the movement of the planets and make up increments like seconds, minutes, hours, days, and then make a plan over these extensions to accomplish something that justifies our own existence. SO that being my concept that time is nothing, how can I waste nothing?
Here is another thought on it I like! read on………………….

“Nothing in the universe can travel faster than light, at 186,000 miles per second. But light will travel more slowly when it goes through the gravity of a star. As a result, it will also slow down the time. If you hold a clock while travelling fast, your clock will move slower than a clock that is stationary.The Buddha discovered this reality more than 2,500 years ago. The Buddha maintained that time does not exist. The past and future are just illusions. When you watch a movie, you see moving pictures. But in fact, you are seeing a succession of still pictures, totaling 24-26 pictures per second. We think that time moves like the flow of water. This is all illusion. We think that we see light from a candle. In fact, the light comes into being and passes out, only to come into being and pass out again. This happens so fast that we see only the light and don’t see the darkness after the light passes out.”

To be more precise, time exists only in the present. The past can be the future and the future can be the past, depending on relativity. Anybody who has perfected meditation can see the present state clearly and thoroughly, which is the secret of our universe.”

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