Is Xanga Making You Nicer?

Is Xanga Making You Nicer?

I was just reading in the Wall Street Journal this evening about how the internet is making people nicer.  According to the article, the internet is making people more empathetic.  They can see the struggles of others and it causes them to have a better understanding of the feelings of others.

I know that xanga has helped me become more empathetic to others.

Xanga exposed me to black people.  I learned on xanga that black people should not be judged based solely on their skin color.  There are other factors to consider when looking at black people.

I learned that liberals are not bad people.  They are just intellectually underdeveloped. 

I realize that fat people need love too.  So I have learned to introduce them to other fat people who can get past their weight.

I learned that gay people should be accepted for their alternative lifestyle in the same way we should just accept those who have sex with animals.  Here is the link:  Link

I have learned we should be nice to depressed people because if we don’t, we will feel guilty later when they off themselves.

Has xanga made you nicer?


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