Its My Birthday

Its My Birthday

I am turning 40 in a few hours.  As promised, here is a photo of me in my birthday suit.

I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

For my birthday, I want to share one of my favorite stories from my childhood.

When I was a kid, I had a paper route.  I delivered newspapers once a week.  They were the type that you got paid .02 cents a paper to deliver.  So I delivered them to every house.  So I delivered a few thousand a week with my two brothers.

One day, it was 40 below on the wind chill factor.  It was so cold.  My brothers wanted to stop delivering the newspapers because it was so cold.  I said, “No.  We will deliver every single newspaper.”  So I kept pushing for us to keep going. 

When I got home my hands were so cold that they hurt.  I thought I had frostbite.  I wanted to cry they hurt so bad.  I tried to warm them up by putting them under warm water.  (By the way, you are not supposed to put your cold hands under warm water.  It makes it hurt).  I thought I was going to come out of my skin in pain.

But after about 20-30 minutes, the pain went away. 

Often at different stages in my life when I have come against obstacles, I remember that paper route and even remember that day.  Because I pushed through the pain and delivered every single paper.

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