It’s The Economy Stupid

@mtngirlsouth – You’re correct that he ran on those principles. But those are the principles that got him elected. You’re also neglecting the fact that to actually put a lot of these ideas into practise he has to run things through the House and Senate. Obama is not perfect, and certainly not all powerful like people think the President is, but he won the election fair and square. Whether he follows through on his promises or not is not the issue (back then). It only is one now. It also doesn’t change the fact that he earned the election properly.

Also, if I recall correctly, the actual ISFA (Iraq Status of Forces Agreement) stated that American troops would withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009, and be completely out by December 2011. This was closely followed and only occasionally strayed from the time-table.

As for the “57 states” remark, really? If we’re going to point out the incredibly stupid things a president says then let’s crack open the gem that was Clinton, Bush Sr, Bush Jr (could be a few volumes for sure), Nixon, and pretty much EVERY PRESIDENT IMAGINABLE. That’s not a valid place to stand an argument on.

Again, Obama isn’t perfect and I didn’t vote for him, but attempting to vilify him over not meeting expectations is silly, especially considering the majority of Washington Republicans have fought him every step of the way, making it almost impossible to impose the things he promised to during election. There is also the possibility that Obama lied, which all presidents have done and will do. So if anything, he’s just another president, no worse no better. I’ll also point out that since Clinton’s impeachment we’ve been in a steady decline economically and socially. We had 8 years of a mediocre to poor presidential reign (Bush) who barely took the time to try to reform or postulate reform of many important aspects of our government and national needs (FEMA, Healthcare, Medicare, etc.). 

Obama makes mistakes but I’d rather a mistake we can fix than nothing at all.

It still doesn’t change the fact he won the election fair and square. Ergo he deserved it. If McCain deserved it he would’ve won. It’s simple as.

(For the record: I wrote in my ballot during the 08 election. My candidates were: President – Stephen Colbert, Vice-President – Christopher Walken)

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