Killing Grandma

I don’t really know if I’d want to die if I were her. But, this is a deeply personal decision for anyone to make, and it might not be the same for everyone in a similar situation. Some people with debilitating and permanent diseases don’t want to die, others do. I think that if they do, they should be allowed to. I think it’s unfair to ask someone else to help you, though, unless it’s a doctor and you are living in a country or area where doctor-assisted suicide is legal. I just think it’s an unfair burden to put on other people while the person who is concerned is still of sound mind. In the States, we have the ability to stop life support, remove feeding tubes, breathing machines, etc. if we are listed as the next of kin or if we are by default the next of kin (like a spouse or a child of the patient) if the patient’s prognosis is bad and they are unable to make the decision for themselves. But, unless you live somewhere like Oregon where they have assisted suicide laws that allows doctor’s to assist a patient who is fully aware and wants to die, it’s not even allowed for a doctor to do it if the patient is of sound mind. I think it’s selfish, as well as mean, to force a person to live if they don’t want to. Especially, if they have thought it through. For people who are ill, this is not a decision that is made on a whim.

But, as for me, I am not in that situation so I can’t say what I would want to do. I would like the option to be open to me, though, even if I wouldn’t end up taking it. But…I would not ask anyone to help me, except perhaps a doctor.

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