Killing Yourself

Not unless I was old and felt like I’d had my turn at life.  If I was around 50, maybe. 

I love life.  I didn’t realize that until I almost died.  It has incited me.

They have implants for the blind now to help them a little.  I would sign up to be an experiment.

I guess I shouldn’t judge them though.  There was a point in my life when I really wanted to die.  That version of Kaela is dead now.  She got what she wanted.  I read her, and we’re completely different people.  We don’t even have the same writing style.  And my family likes “me” better than her.

Brain damage…

Sometimes, my grandma refers to me in third person when we’re talking.  “Kaela was…” Honestly, Kaela is dead.  I’m a body snatcher.

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