Kitten Vs Puppy

Harry Potter how peculiar. Stupid hard to understand dialogues, pretty neat view of white heaven. The most destructive power in the universe is a black hole. Eh??? I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT JUST BECAUSE women don’t sleep with may mean I would be terrible in bed anyways, another reason why I should be allowed to have sex with sixteen year old little tight pussied girls. Hahaha, ok, I think I would be good in bed, and the women on xanga should have sex with me to confirm. I am not a sex addict, but sex is my fav topic aside from dbz, because… Joanasayso! I know you bitches want to fuck me, what is stopping you? Dan?

Ok, so maybe I can’t satisfy a woman in bed, but ladies!!!! I want a lot of women. I’m rambling, fuck religion.

I am pouring with sweat in my room, and this is how I sleep, like a pig.

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