Ladies, Stop Complaining about Your Period

Ladies, Stop Complaining about Your Period

Ladies, it is time to stop complaining about your period and take to a more positive approach.  A new year is beginning and many of you probably know that you have sort of allowed yourself to let a little monthly event to be a reason to be unkind to others.  Some women even resort to calling it PMDD which is just code word for “especially unpleasant.” 

So I am calling on all of the women of xanga to make a New Year Resolution and turn your period into a positive experience.

My plan is for all of you to get GladRags:

Yes ladies, you need to use reusuable pads for your periods.  They help with the environment.  Can you imagine the landfills that are piling up with pads?  This is selfish on your part.  This is having a negative impact on our environment.  (I just found out this product existed tonight in this thread:  Link).

For the sake of our environment, will you use cloth pads?

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