Learning To Learn

Learning To Learn

I must admit that I am a life time learner.  (This post was inspired by this pulse:  Link).  I spent most of my life learning.  It started when I was 3 and my parents dropped me off at preschool.  I went through school and then I went to college and then graduate school. 

I realize some of you will are doing the same and need to learn faster.  I spent a great deal of time taking any program that taught me how to learn faster. 

So here are a few of those programs:

1.  Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (I took this three times).

2.  Mega Memory

I took every memory program I could find and read several memory books.

3.  Memory in a Month

4.  PhotoReading

5.  Where There’s a Will There’s an A. (I took this a few times).

6.  Reassess Your Chess (This isn’t about learning but his approach to gaining strategic advantages is important in learning and in life in general).


7.  Sparks of Genius:  The 13 Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People

There is rarely a day where I don’t utilize the skills described in “Sparks of Genius.”  The book is more about how to process the information you use.

So hopefully this will get you started.  I hope you will take every single program you can find that teaches you to learn more information.

Anyone have one to add to my list?

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