Little Italy in San Diego

Little Italy is said to be the oldest residential and business community in the heart of San Diego. It was there since 1920′s. Though, it’s the oldest place in the San Diego, Little Italy is rapidly evolving as inner city neighborhood. It is still a perfect place to visit. It offers great views of the bay, art and cultural festivities, and great food and every little things is enjoyable here.

At the very heart of Little Italy, you can find their signage ” Little Italy”. The center of attraction on that area. It was built on 1990. That street caters a wide variety of restaurants, playgrounds and shops. Every year, Little Italy is celebrating different kinds of Festivals. They also have lots of celebrations. They made it through music, museum and art expo’s.
With that, Little Italy has never been busy and alive as before.

A place called Amici park, is a spot where you can enjoy their playground, it is especially made for Washington Elementary School. It is a community park that is completely built with a bocce ball court. It is a court traditionally played on an oyster shell court.

As years past by, Little Italy in San Diego is getting bigger and better as expected. And on the record, Little Italy in San Diego became one of their tourist spot destination. Many are attracted to the old structure and yet you can experience great shopping and foods.

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