Losing Weight: Is it about Willpower?

Faith in yourself, yes. But really it’s all about the will. I’ve read that exerting the will is an act of love for oneself. If I truly love myself I will allow myself to grow beyond a state of entropy and grow. Now I believe(aside from what I’ve read) that what goal you start out towards may not be the goal you end up attaining.

I will give you an example. I am writing a book right now. It started out fun and easy but now to continue it takes an act of will. I do this act becuase I love my book and care about what I can create and express through it. My goal at the beginning was, quite simply, to write a book. Now that I’m a prologue and six chapters in my goal has changed, has grown, into something much larger. One of the characters in the book could easily be the woman I marry one day. So I love a character I created and use my will to figure out what she will do from here on out. The book is also philosophical, theological, psychological, and a whole slew of other things. I no longer care if it gets published. I already love it and my act of love, my act of will, is to expand the book in every area possible so that even if it is not recognized as a masterpiece by the wider world, it will still be my own personal masterpiece.

I love my book, therefore I will it into existence every time I write more. I have faith that, in the end, it will be a great book to me. I have knowledge in a number of different areas that I can use to help that cause. But faith and knowledge alone do not write a book. The will, for me, does.

I’m glad you did a 180 from yesterday’s topic. This post today made my day.

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