Making Money Off The Death Of Your Son

@sometimestheycomebackanyway – Curtis aka Loborn and whoever else you pose as, nobody lives in your idea of reality. 

as for the Black Panther bounty….i told you in in Theo Dan’s last post i in no way condone a bounty, end of story and i also questioned if you had just learned the guy is not white but Hispanic, something you seem only to have discovered when anyone paying attention to the story new that….and what does the shooter’s race matter anyway apart from him calling the kid he shot “a fucking coon”. do you not know how to read? i think you know how to read. you’re like the kid in grade school drumming on his desk and blurting out stupid remarks to get attention. its somewhat excusable in elementary school but a man in his 40s? sorry but it’s no longer cool or cute. twisting people’s words, misrepresenting what they’ve said, lying about what they said fits your psychological profile. 

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